A low-res, old-school, black & white shoot em up!
Blast through space and shoot everything until it explodes.
Pick up powerups to upgrade your ship, defeat bosses and clear the universe from bad guys!
Unlock new game modes, playable ships and shoot down the final UFO, that is if you can.

Stroyer X Is not meant to represent a game from a certain era. It's just meant the capture the feeling of classic, old school SHMUPS where your only goal is not to die.
There's no XP-bar and no customizable ships...

Just play.



"When will Stroyer X be released?"
The truth is that I don't know. Hopefully soon. The plan is for it to have 3 sections with a total of 9 bosses. (3 bosses per section) Each section also feature 5 new enemy ship that you encounter between boss-battles.

I'd also like to mix it up bit by adding unlockable playable ships so there's some replay value.


My name is Andreas Lidell, I am the only developer of Stroyer X
I have created a few other free indie games over the years but I'm always trying to improve myself. Stroyer X is the next big step for me. I don't play that many SHMUPS and I never limit my color palette. What started as a personal challenge has expanded into a full game that I want to share with you all.

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